MySQL Is Important For PHP(II)

How to understand MySQL

MySQL is a relational database. Click Here For More. This so-called “relational” can be understood as the concept of “table”. A relational database consists of one or more tables, such as a table shown in the figure:

  • Header: The name of each column;
  • Column: A collection of data with the same data type;
  • Row: Each row is used to describe the specific information of a record;
  • Value: The specific information of the row, each value must be the same as the data type of the column;
  • Key: The value of the key is unique in the current column;

How to install MySQL

Well, let us know how to install MySQL on Windows System. Actually installing MySQL on windows is really easy you may refer and download the link from Click Here For More.

After downloading, we decompressed the zip package to the corresponding directory, where I put the decompressed folder under C:\web mysql-8.0.11 Then we may consider to configure about configuration files of MySQL below,

Open the folder C:\web\mysql-8.0.11 after extract it well. Then the developers create my.ini configuration file under this folder, and edit my.ini configuration with the following basic information:

[mysql]  Click Here For More.

# Set the default character set for MySQL client end

Default-character-set = utf8


Setting Port 3306

Port = 3306

# Set up the installation directory of MySQL

Basedir = C:\\\web\mysql-8.0.11

# Set up the storage directory of MySQL database data, MySQL 8 + does not need the following configuration, the system can generate itself, otherwise it may report errors.

# dataDir = C:\\\\\ web\\ sqldata     Click Here For More.

Maximum number of connections allowed

Max_connections = 20

The character set used by the server defaults to 8-bit coded Latin1 character set

Character-set-server = utf8

Default storage engine to be used when creating new tables

Default-storage-engine = INNODB

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