Travel to Penang Hill(II)

Penang Hill Again

Climbing tourists can choose to take a cable car, or walk up the paths and steps beside the cable car tracks, while exercising and enjoying the exotic flowers and plants hidden in the rainforest of Penang Mountain. Along the way, they can enjoy the magnificent scenery of George City. Click Here For More. The air is fresh and the scenery is full of views. On the mountain, they can also visit Penang Bird Park. The cable car opened in 1923. Bellevue, a small hotel on the hill, was rebuilt from a villa. It dates back (trace back) to the time of the British East India Company.Click Here For More.

Penang Mountain is Malaysia’s first mountain summer resort. It is 830 meters (2730 feet) high. Tourists can walk or take a cable car to the top of the mountain. The cable station was opened in 1922. The air on the mountain is fresh and pleasant, and there is no end to it.Click Here For More. The visitors can also visit chic bungalows (single storey house), beautiful gardens and bird gardens. There are bungalows for rent and hotels where tourists can stay. There is also a tea house on the top of the hill, which provides drinks and snacks for tourists to rest. Certainly, In 2011, the cable car system of Penang Mountain has been upgraded, added new technology, and brought a lot of convenience to tourists.

Introduction of Cable Car

The old cable car has four rows, which can be divided into senior and secondary.Click Here For More. The Penang mountain cable car is pulled up and down by cable, not by engine. The first cable car was officially launched in 1923 until 1977. Later, a new cable car was introduced from Switzerland and used from 1977 to 2010. At present, the new cable car is put into service in May 2011. The speed of the old cable car is 1.6 kilometers per hour, while that of the new cable car is 10 kilometers per hour, reaching the top of the mountain in four minutes at the fastest.

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