Outdoor Sports And Jack Wolfskin(II)

About Jack Wolfskin features

Jack Wolfskin’s head office is located in Idstein, Taunus, Germany. As the main brand in the European outdoor merchandise’s market and the largest distributor in the German sporting products’ retail industry, Jack Wolfskin’s success depends not only on excellent innovation ability, product concept based on quality and customer demand, but also on market-leading product lines and distribution strategies, including continuous investment in brand image.Click Here For More.

In recent years, Jack Wolfskin has begun to explore new potential customers after establishing a high brand awareness among outdoor sports enthusiasts. For example, the people who like outdoor feeling and like to go out in any weather but have not used outdoor goods frequently so far.

The basic principle of Jack Wolfskin’s products is to combine the best functionality with the highest comfort. We firmly believe that outdoor sports should be fun and products should help users get comfortable outdoor experience. The whole product line includes functional clothing, appliances and shoes specially designed for outdoor sports, tourism and leisure, which are divided into “outdoor mountain climbing”, “travel hiking”, “urban outdoor”, “leisure wild fun” and other series.

Jack Wolfskin has created the necessary preconditions for sustainable development. More experts joined Edstein Headquarters, and the quality of employees was strengthened. In the next few years, Jack Wolfskin will push ahead with plans to expand the European market and expand the Asian market.

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