Reflection of the Big Fire in California(I)

The only way to avoid global warming is to achieve ”negative emissions”. The low-carbon action advocated by environmental protection organizations should not be just a slogan. It is the best way for human beings to save themselves.

On November 8, a mountain fire ignited in California, the world’s most deadly fire in California history. According to the “Associated Press” report, as of local time November 16, this raging fire has caused 74 deaths, 1011 missing, more than 10,000 houses destroyed, and nearly 300,000 people evacuated in the United States. The tragedy, and the fire has burned for at least a dozen days, the situation is quite pessimistic. The burning fire makes the beautiful paradise a human purgatory. The fire fighters’ most worried about now is more than 1,000 people missing. The high temperature of the fire can melt even the steel. These people may have turned into ashes… The people who fled their homes and drove through the sea of fire. The sights that we have only seen in Hollywood movies. The scene is so real, but it is so incredible.

What is even more worrying is that the nuclear waste field in the Southern California Valley belongs to the coverage of the mountain fire, which is likely to cause leakage of toxic substances from nuclear waste and spread with the smoke. What were human done to their homes?

Although the fire was not the largest in American history, it was the largest number of deaths and missing persons. “There was a wildfire before, and everyone didn’t think it would be different this time. When we started to run away, it was really late.”

Nichole Jolly is a nurse at the hospital. After the fire started, they only had 20 minutes to evacuate the patient. The ambulance that filled with the patient left, she could only drive her own car. But just entering the car, she was surrounded by wildfire. “The fire almost burned out the oxygen. I couldn’t breathe. My clothes, shoes and everything around me were almost melting. There were smoke and ash everywhere. I think my internal organs are almost melting.” Fortunately, just When Nichole had nowhere to go, there was a fire truck suddenly appeared in front of him. The fireman asked her to climb up and she was saved. “At that time, I thought I would never see the children again. But still many people did not run out.”


Everything in “Heaven” was annihilated in the fire, leaving only the desolate and the smoke that covered the sky. In Southern California, the mountain fires along the strong winds, covered all the way to the city of Malibu on the coast of Los Angeles.

It is home to many wealthy and star mansions who love the magnificent sea views and the beaches. But when we face the anger of nature, they are no different from ordinary people. In front of the disaster, we hid behind the screen and sighed. But the extreme weather that is constantly appearing in the world – hurricanes, droughts, typhoons, high temperatures, heavy rains – is warning us: humans are really at the most critical time!

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