Alibaba will Create the First Heavyweight Partnership in America

On Monday, Alibaba’s B2B platform and Office Depot, the world’s largest office supplies seller, announced a partnership agreement that marks the former’s first heavyweight partnership in the United States. According to the agreement,SinoeastNederlands in the initial stage of cooperation, Alibaba will create a new web access address (, connect to the website of Odyssey, provide services to US SMEs, and provide some of the most important for these companies. Exclusive discounts on products and services. The two companies also said that they will expand their services to small and medium-sized enterprises, including logistics and sales channels.

Through this partnership, Alibaba has access to 10 million business customers and 1,800 sales agents from AUDI’s office, and also enables AUDIO customers to connect with Alibaba’s global network of 150,000 suppliers. Delivery service the next day. Odyssey CEO Gerry Smith accepted the media’s statement, “This cooperation will bring companies together and provide products and services. We really bring the world’s capabilities back to the United States.” In recent years, Office Depot has gradually shifted its focus to B2B business. At present, B2B sales account for 69% of the company’s revenue, up from 49% two years ago. In a statement, Sinoeast한국어 AUDIO said that through its own supply chain, the company has the ability to deliver next-day delivery to 99% of US companies and has 1,350 Office Depot and OfficeMax stores across the US. Smith estimates that B2B market opportunities are six times that of B2C.

According to the US International Trade Commission, the global B2B business market is worth $23.9 trillion. John Caplan, head of North American B2B of Alibaba Group, said: “We have a common mission to become a catalyst for the growth of small businesses.” On the same day, according to the Nikkei News, Sinoeastрусский Alibaba’s competitor Jingdong also began to use the Google e-commerce platform to sell goods in the United States. Consumers can purchase about 500 items from JD’s Joybuy brand through Google Express, including keyboards, headphones and kitchen appliances. This is the first result since Google launched a capital cooperation relationship with Jingdong Investment of 550 million US dollars in June last year.

The Nikkei pointed out that with the loss of momentum in the US e-commerce business, Google has gained a way to capture overseas demand through its cooperation with JD. By incorporating Chinese e-retailers, it has gained more than its competitors. Wall Street’s previous article mentioned that in March last year, according to Reuters, Google is working with a number of retailers, including Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Costco, to direct users of search products directly to retail. SinoeastDeutsch The store makes purchases to separate customers from Amazon. Under the threat of Amazon, Google is also a good choice for traditional offline retailers in the United States. Relatively speaking, Google’s advertising space mechanism is still a way for merchants to pay for it, and Google is simply a medium for presentation. But in Amazon, merchants have a common rival – Amazon’s own business.

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