Food Therapy For Your Blood Vessel Cleaning(II)

Third, fish food. Because the saturated fat content in fish is low, unlike pork, which contains a lot of inferior fat, it is recommended to eat more fish if you would like to eat meat. Moreover, deep-water fish are also rich in W3 fatty acids, which can effectively reduce blood lipids, blood pressure and cholesterol.Click Here For More.

Causes of high blood fat

Medical indicators of high blood fat (hyperlipidemia) generally include triglyceride, cholesterol, etc. If these indicators exceed the normal range, they will be generally diagnosed as high blood fat, so prevention of high blood fat should start from a comprehensive perspective. The causes of hyperlipidemia can be classified as the primary causes of diseases affected by heredity, diet and living habits, and the secondary causes, i.e. it is caused by other diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Key food therapy

Through the diagnostic indicators of hyperlipidemia, we can see that high triglyceride and total cholesterol will affect the health of blood fat, so symptomatic treatment should also be carried out for these reasons.

Because these two indicators are high mainly due to unhealthy diet, we should control the intake of triglycerides and total cholesterol from the control of diet, reduce the intake of high-fat and high-fat food, avoid spicy, greasy, stimulating food, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Paying attention for your food therapy and dietary.

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