Jose Mourinho and Paul Labile Pogba

Jose Mourinho’s confrontation with Paul Pogba came to the fore, and Mourinho publicly stripped the French mid-fielder of his role as deputy captain, while Paul Pogba made it clear that he wanted to go to Barcelona. Daily Mail reporters have debated who will leave Manchester United first between Pogba and Mourinho, the most of people will favor Jose Mourinho’s departure because of his poor record recently.

Opinion from JACK GAUGHAN

As things go on, both of them may leave Manchester United, but Jose Mourinho’s situation is more critical. He has not been able to lead the team to a consistent and good performance. No matter what you think of Paul Pogba, not being able to score at Old Trafford can be an overwhelming problem. Woodward certainly wants to keep Pogba as long as possible, but it’s still not clear how far he can go.



Paul Pogba is a disaster, obviously a black sheep, he has always been like this however Jose Mourinho is also the same.


A key difference is that Manchester United may still believe that Pogba has potential and value to make use of. If the Frenchman wants to transfer because of Mourinho, then things may change. If Paul Mourinho choose to go and Pogba are willing to stay, then Manchester United must want to keep the world-class player because there are not many such players at Manchester United team.



It was a regrettable period for Manchester United, with the manager setting a negative tone, starting with the messy preparation period of season.


Paul Pogba couldn’t go anywhere until January, so he is sure to stay at Old Trafford for at least three months. Jose Mourinho, however, is likely to leave before Christmas, and if that happens, it won’t be a surprise now.



Barcelona team needs Pogba and Pogba wants to go to Barcelona, all signs point to his departure. But there’s a long way to go before the January transfer or the deal doesn’t happen until summer. But before Manchester United has the chance to sell Pogba, the bad match’s result might have Mourinho leave from team earlier.

Different from CHRIS WHEELER

Pogba has made clear to Manchester United that he wants to transfer to Barcelona no matter who is the manager. Despite the breakdown of Pogba’s relationship with Mourinho, this is not the main reason he wants to leave Manchester United and the club knows it.

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