Perfect the Education Standardization Work (III)

  1. Improve the framework of the education standards system

Accelerate the formulation and revision of school establishment standards, school construction standards, educational equipment standards, educational information standards, teacher team construction standards, school operation and management standards, subject and curriculum standards, educational supervision standards, language standards, etc. Focus on key areas, speed up the establishment of an educational standards system that is suitable for China’s national conditions, has an international vision, scientific content, reasonable structure, and orderly, and achieves an effective supply of educational standards. Focus on accelerating the development of standards in the following areas:check here

The school set standards. Improve the basic standards for setting up schools of all types and at all levels. Schools build standards. Accelerate the formulation and revision of standards for school construction at all levels.

Educational equipment standards. Improve the teaching equipment allocation standards for schools and kindergartens, introduce educational equipment classification standards, organize the development of equipment standard construction plans, and accelerate the improvement of educational equipment provision standards and quality standards systems. Develop standards for living facilities in boarding schools, strengthen the construction of experimental equipment, art, sports, health, check here mental health education teaching equipment allocation standards, develop and revise special education resource classrooms and rehabilitation facilities equipment standards and carry out barrier-free environmental transformation.

Educational information standard. Develop education information technology equipment, equipment standards, software and data standards, operation and maintenance and technical service standards, education network security standards, education information business standards, online education and digital education resource standards, teacher information technology application ability standards and student information literacy evaluation standard.

School operations and management standards. All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have reasonably determined the basic financial allocation standards for all types of education. Improve the funding standards for students who have financial difficulties in the family. Classify and formulate school management norms at all levels.

Subject professional and curriculum standards. Based on core literacy, the national basic education curriculum plan and curriculum standards are revised to clarify the quality requirements of each science industry. Improve the curriculum plan for public basic courses in secondary vocational schools and national curriculum standards such as ideological and political, language, and history. Improve the professional catalogue and professional setting management methods, professional teaching standards, post-internship standards, and construction standards for training and teaching conditions. Improve the quality standards for undergraduate majors in ordinary colleges and universities, the academic degree of postgraduate education and the basic requirements of professional degrees. Gradually improve the teaching system of special education courses.check here

Educational supervision evaluation criteria. Develop the classification standards for supervision work, various levels of education evaluation and monitoring standards, and supervision team construction standards. Develop compulsory education county education quality, school quality and student development quality evaluation standards. Clear the basic requirements of the national education examination. Establish quality standards for studying in China. Gradually establish a quality education system for continuing education in higher education.

Teacher teams building standards. Improve teacher qualification standards, teacher preparation or standards, teacher professional ethics standards, teacher professional standards, teacher training standards, teacher training standards, teacher management information standards, etc. Develop evaluation criteria for bilingual teachers’ qualifications.

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